Book Signing - Rock Neely

 June 1, 2022

3-5 PM

If you missed Rock last time, he will be at Bookends again.

Rock Neelly is originally from Hutchinson, Kansas, having grown-up spending weekends on family farms in both Oklahoma and Kansas. The son of teachers Allan and Peggy Neelly, he grew up shooting basketballs and pheasants.

After attending college in Denver, he began writing for newspapers, magazines, and various other publications. He has written four novels, one collection of short stories, and one novella.

He is currently a professor of literature and film in Northern Kentucky near Cincinnati.


Rock resides near Lebanon, Ohio.

Salt Fork Stations is the riveting story of the settling of the Cherokee Strip in what would become Woods County, Oklahoma. 

The tale revolves around the Stations, a family with its life entwined with the Cherokee people and the “Five Tribes” attempting to set up a true Indian nation. 

From the banks of the Salt Fork River on the fateful September day in 1893 when the land run homesteaded the territory with white settlers, to the Arctic Blast of 1899, to the beginnings of the world pandemic in 1938 which began in Kansas, to Haskell Indian Nations University in the days of student unrest in the 1960’s, and to the student demonstrations and the burning of the Union at the University of Kansas in 1970, this novel turns to the turbulent times and displaced peoples of the era.


Told through the eyes of characters from the author’s own past, we see a family of faith, of vision, and of perseverance facing overwhelming odds. Can their family survive? Is love eternal? Does fate play a hand in our future? Salt Fork Stations deals with memory and history to determine these things.


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