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Bookends News

We are open!

    We are making some changes. We have an acrylic divider at the front desk and we will be wearing masks.  You are welcome to do the same. We will try to limit our occupancy to 10 people including staff (7 customers and 3 staff members). 

    We will continue to clean books coming in. We are making our aisles one way to help social distancing.

    We are moving the children’s room to the back to increase the size and limiting our smaller rooms to 1 person or family at a time. We will continue to take phone orders or mail books directly to your house. Just call us if we can help you.

If you purchased gift cards through Rally Reno, thank you so much! That money has helped us get through this. Your gift cards will be waiting for you at the store when we open.


We are open 10-5, Tuesday through Saturday.

    We hated to hear that Bluebird Books was closing. We always mourn when a bookstore closes. Bluebird Books was so good about providing the new books that we didn’t have.  We will now be carrying some new books to fill your needs. Again, let us know what you want us to carry. You will not be able to use your credit on the new books, but we will have a 20% discount on the price.

    We have appreciated your patience and helpful comments through this adjustment. Keep reading and come see us.

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Do you buy books?


 We buy antique books (late 1800s and early 1900s) and collectible books.  If you have books you would like to sell, give us a call or send an email to us, or bring them by the store. We pay about 1/4 of the selling price on Amazon or AbeBooks.


Do you take books in trade?


We'll give you credit to use in the store for the books you bring in.  We give 17% of the cover price for books that are in good condition.  You can use that credit to pay for 66% of any purchases you make.


Will you order books that you don't have in the store?


Order books from us on Amazon, AbeBooks, or Biblio.

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