Selling Books at Bookends

If you want to sell your books, we will give you in store credit. We no longer do cash for non antique books.  We will pay cash for desirable, collectible books. We base our prices on the current prices on Amazon.  If you bring in books that are rare or in great demand, you will receive more for your book than if the book is a best seller.  We buy old books from the 1800s and early 1900s for about 1/4 of their current price on Amazon.

What will you buy?

We only pay cash for antique books,  We give store credit for other books.  We'll take books in good condition that we don't already have. We take both hardbacks with dustjackets and paperbacks. We have a special interest in children's books and history.  We will take Book of the Month Club books and books that have a name written in the front. We love the books you have taken care of  - books that are clean, have only been read once, have been kept clean and dry, have not been written in or underlined, that still have a nice book jacket.

What won't you buy?

We don't buy or give store credit for encyclopedias, magazines, Reader's Digest Condensed Books, coloring books.


We don't buy:

Water damaged

Insect damaged

Molded or mildewed




No spine

Cover missing

Pages missing



Smoke Damaged or Smelly