Trading Books for Credit at Bookends

If you are planning to purchase books at Bookends, trading for credit is a great idea.

You get 17% of the original price of your book in credit.

You can use that credit to pay for 66% of your purchases.

You end up paying only 33% of our already low price.

Your credit never goes away.  You can use it any time for anything in the store or to order books online.


You bring in a book that you have already read.

The cover price that is printed on the book is $10.

We give you $1.70 in credit. (17% of the cover price)

You pick out a book that you would like to read.

The total comes to $5.

Your cost with credit is $5.00 - $3.30 (66% off) = $1.70 + tax

You can return the book you purchased for credit - $1.70

Your total cost for the book = $0.



No matter how much credit you have, you still have to pay 33% of our price.  That's so we get some cash to pay the bills.